MAT fashion, perfect proportions do not exist

by Riccardo Passerini on May 16, 2023

MAT fashion, le proporzioni perfette non esistono

Let's say something about perfect proportions: they don't exist.

And this is true, because no one is right in deciding what they are. Beauty is not measured by the measuring tape. Success has no numbers.

"The appearance of others does not affect my behavior": this will say Body Positive. “I break stereotypes and love myself as I am”: Body Positive said so. I dream, I evolve, I win and let others do the same.

I look in the mirror and love what I see. I don't let anyone tell me how I'm going to feel about my body. Because we are no longer in size, nor thin, nor tall. We are women, we are ourselves and we like them.
If MAT proved anything, since 1988 started, he loves women the way he is. Real, authentic, confident that springs from within, but radiates everywhere. The MAT woman is the one who lives beyond standards, who knows that the only fashion icon she wants to have is herself, who sees life with optimism, because she can. For this woman, MAT is designing clothes that will highlight the exuberance of her personality and femininity.
Influenced by the latest trends each season, but above all with an emphasis on the female body, the MAT collections accompany the woman from morning to evening, from the office to a date, from drinks with friends to dinner for two at her home.

The MAT fashion brand has come to our Il Passero Taglie Plus shop in Cento, Via Bologna 9

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