Susy Star by Susy Mix

by Riccardo Passerini on May 16, 2023

Susy Star by Susy Mix

Susie Star is the new line conceived and produced by Susie Mix . The new collection will become part of the curvy family! producing clothes up to size 54.

As Michela Beccaletto , founder of the brand and responsible for the Style Office, underlines, “beauty is not a question of size and for this reason there will be garments designed and created only for the Susy Star line and others that we will also find in the Susy Mix collection.
There are two factors that have pushed us in this direction: on the one hand our retailers who have been asking us for some time to increase the sizes, on the other the many requests that from social media began to ask for sizes with more comfortable fits without distorting the style and the taste that has always distinguished Susy Mix.”

These requests just mentioned by Michele Beccaletto, to develop clothes in larger sizes, were also made at our Castello D'Argile store, and for this reason we can't wait to see this eagerly awaited new collection, which should be presented soon.

The new brand will probably be available in both our stores and obviously online! Always stay updated through our social channels to find out when Susy Star will be available!